Can I File Bankruptcy Online or Do I Have to Come in Person?

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File Bankruptcy Online

Can I File Bankruptcy Online or Do I have to Come in Person?

With today’s use of technology it seems that you can do virtually everything on the computer or over the telephone from applying for a mortgage, to ordering groceries and everything in between. Some things though still require you to appear in person. When you file for bankruptcy, the final part of the process must be done face to face.

The main reason for this is bankruptcy is a legal filing legislated by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act of Canada.

  • The Trustee must verify your identity.
  • You also must sign the official documents in the presence of the Trustee, and
  • swear an oath that the documents are a true statement of your affairs to the best of your knowledge.

There are some people that make the decision to file for bankruptcy very quickly and come to their first meeting with all the required documentation. For others the decision making process can be very difficult and they may need to meet with an advisor a few times before they complete the process of signing the documents.

If that is the case, many parts of the decision making process can be done over the telephone or through electronic means. The first step in the process is often attending a free consultation. This consultation is meant to assess your financial situation so all of your available options for dealing with debt can be explained, and all your questions can be answered. It there are circumstances that prevent you from attending in person, this consultation can be completed over the telephone.

After completing the consultation there may be some documents that you need to gather so that your bankruptcy papers can be prepared. Many Trustee’s offices are willing to see you again in person to make sure that they have everything they need to get your documents prepared. However, many times you are able to fax or email them this paperwork.

Dealing with debt can be complicated and it is often through a face to face meeting that an experienced advisor can make sure that you are comfortable with your decision and understand the process completely. There is little these days that gives you this type of personalized attention.  Applying online or by telephone may seem attractive when you are facing financial difficulty, but by booking a face to face consultation may be the first step to tuning in to the need to take control of your debt issues and to facing them head on.

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