What Does a Trustee in Bankruptcy Do?

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Doug Stuive - Trustee

Doug Stuive – Trustee, Niagara Falls

Linda Barnsley - Estate Manager

Linda Barnsley – Estate Manager, Niagara Falls

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First, understand that a Trustee in Bankruptcy is likely to bring you a lot of relief from the stress that you’re going through when it’s apparent that you do have to declare bankruptcy. They are there to help and they make sure that everything is done correctly so that you can get on with your life and get rid of the debt that is holding you back from enjoying a bright future. Specifically, here are some of the things that a Trustee in Bankruptcy will do for you.

Filing the Paperwork

There are some very detailed requirements for declaring bankruptcy. A Trustee in Bankruptcy is specifically trained to handle all of the details involved with declaring bankruptcy. Their job is to make certain that everything is handled correctly and that the Official Receiver gets all of the documents they need to process your bankruptcy.

Without a Trustee in Bankruptcy, it is very difficult to negotiate the tricky waters of cutting yourself loose from bad debt. They take care of it for you and make sure that you provide all of the needed information to keep yourself from being foiled by any roadblocks.

Handling Creditors

If you’re on the verge of declaring bankruptcy, you have probably had more than your fair share of nasty phone calls from creditors threatening you. One of the best things about a Trustee in Bankruptcy is that they take over dealing with these people for you.

Simply getting rid of this source of stress is worth going through the entire bankruptcy process for many people. It means that you don’t have to be afraid of the telephone anymore, you don’t have to screen your calls, and you don’t have to check the caller ID before you pick up. It means you can finally start putting your life back together.


Your Trustee in Bankruptcy will do more than deal with creditors and paperwork. They will also sit down with you to help you deal with your financial issues. The amount of information that these people have in regards to managing your finances is really quite astounding. They can help you to understand where you are, what you need to do to handle your responsibilities and how you can make all of this work so that you don’t end up in an even worse situation.

Your Trustee in Bankruptcy will essentially serve as a guide to get you through the process of declaring bankruptcy. Most people who deal with a Trustee end up being very grateful for their services.

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