For more than 30 years, LCTaylor has been helping consumers deal with debt and stay out of debt. Made up of a team of reputable Trustees in Bankruptcy, LCTaylor is proud to offer its clients solid, effective debt-management and debt-relief solutions, including credit counselling, consumer proposals, and bankruptcy.

LCTaylor has two offices – one in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and the other in Kenora, Ontario – both prepared to help consumers with their overwhelming debt. Services provided include help with job loss, wage garnishments, and unpaid credit card bills.

When you work with LCTaylor, you will learn about every option available to you and your situation. Their Trustees in Bankruptcy are federally regulated and licensed, meaning you will never have to worry about trusting them to help you resolve your debt issues.

LCTaylor offers a free initial consultation, where they discuss your situation with you, review all of the options available to you and the outcomes of each scenario, and make a plan with you to get back on your feet and rebuild your financial life.

LCTaylor’s vision is simple: to be the most trusted help centre for people with debt. They achieve this with their professionalism, their compassion, and their integrity, ensuring that every client feels heard, respected, and ultimately, relieved because they no longer have to deal with their debt problems alone – they can work with a trusted professional who will guide them every step of the way.