What recourse do you have against collection companies?

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What recourse do you have against collection companies not following the law? The collection company keeps calling my work. Ive recequested them not to contact me at work. They have my cell phone number. I’ve told them to only call my cell after 5:00 or in weekends. I answer my cell whenever they call outside of work hours but they keep calling different people at my office saying they are a credit collection company looking for me. I also have been trying to get them to put a payment plan in writing and they refuse. Anytime we come to an agreement they change it and want more. So I’m refusing to pay them anything until it’s in writing.


  1. Desmond West-Chow, CIRP

    If you think that they are breaking the law or want to make a complaint, it would be best to contact the Office of Consumer Affairs which is a division of Industry Canada. They have a very informative website and some good information on collection agencies in each region of the country. If you’re having trouble making arrangements with them, it may be worthwhile speaking to a trustee about a consumer proposal. A consumer proposal is court sanctioned and supervised arrangement with your creditors which would be administered by a trustee and would also stop any collection activity of creditors.

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