My mom is 90 years old, with debt she can’t pay back

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My mom is 90 years old and is about to go to a Personal Care home as she can no longer be on her own. Her only income is Old Age Pension and CPP. She has been paying off two credit cards but once she enters the home cannot afford to do this any more. Her debt is approximately $11,000.00
What can she do as she has no other way of paying off this debt.


  1. Jillian Taylor-Mancusi
    Jillian Taylor-Mancusi

    In that you have only provided minimal information regarding your mother’s financial situation, i.e. no asset information etc. It is difficult for us to make any suggestions with regard to her options. It is suggested that you set up an appointment with a trustee in your area so that the specifics of her situation can be reviewed. It is possible that a bankruptcy may be an option however there are numerous other options that may also be available to her.

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